MWCC has participated in the second edition of the eMobilit Expo World Congress. Around 375 top-level international speakers attended the congress. approximately 200 exhibitors.

The objective has been to advance the ecosystem of sustainable mobility. An ecosystem that today is a tangible reality, of which more and more companies are part.

In this second edition, the congress will analyze mobility and how to achieve more sustainable and environmentally friendly cities and society. Thus, the eMobility Expo world congress is being the place where public and private organizations work together and define the frameworks to transform the mobility industry to a new dimension. In this way, within the framework of the call, central topics such as the electric vehicle, life cycle analysis in fleet management, the challenge of decarbonization, vehicle fleet management, the development of new vehicles were discussed. , connected, cooperative and automated mobility (CCAM), technologies as a key element to improve the logistics value chain in Europe, the power of data and access to it, advanced manufacturing technologies in OEMs, sustainable mobility and inclusive or take advantage of investments and ecological reindustrialization.