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Contribute to the comprehensive development of cities in Madrid and Spain, making it possible to improve the city of Madrid’s reputation, competitiveness, international influence and ability to attract talent and investment, as well as its sense of belonging.



Develop a project capable of benefiting all of Spain. Position Madrid as an international capital for urban solutions. Position Spain as an international benchmark in training and in design, development, financing, management and conflict resolution. Business and investment attraction.



Excellence. Sustainability. Innovation. Accessibility. Mobility. Security. Creativity

MWCC Strategic Plan 2022-2026

The objective of this Plan is the development of the different actions, plans and programs of the entity that make it possible to take advantage, in the field of urban solutions, of the powerful business ecosystem existing in the Metropolitan Area of Madrid and its competitive advantages for the benefit of all sector agents.

Sustainability becomes more relevant in the Plan when considering that it is the basis on which the sector must rely to continue its expansion into new markets and consolidate itself in those in which it is already established.

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