MWCC has organized, together with the Alfonso X El Sabio University and the Madrid Circular Economy Center, the conference “Circular Economy applied in the construction of the Community of Madrid: development of strategies”

The director of CIEC Madrid, Ana López, participated in the event, along with Angel Sampedro, director of the Engineering and Architecture Area at the Higher Polytechnic School of the Alfonso X el Sabio University; Adam S., CEO of TheGreenFactor; Diego Yus co-founder and director of operations of 3DLOOP and Cristina Duque Antúnez director of programs at CIECMadrid.

The application of the circular economy in the construction sector is urgent and necessary, as it is one of the sectors that consumes the most resources and generates the most waste. The objective of applying the circular economy in construction pursues the reduction of waste, the recycling of materials and their subsequent reuse. In short, it seeks to increase the life cycle of resources and also the life cycle of buildings.

At the European and state level, the first steps are beginning to be taken in regulations and legislation applicable to the sector to achieve the objectives of the European Green Pact (Green Deal). It is important, then, that construction projects are conceived and carried out with the circular economy as a transversal philosophy.

During the day, the large transformative urban developments of the city and region were explained, as well as projects such as the ClusterUAX, which is committed to innovation within the circular economy of the sector.