ZF joins Madrid Capital Mundial to actively collaborate in the development of the different actions, plans and programs that have been established to position Madrid as one of the main world exponents of sustainable engineering, construction and architecture, as well as the development of urban mobility projects.

ZF’s collaboration with Madrid Capital Mundial (MWCC) will focus primarily on the areas of sustainable urban mobility, as a benchmark in sustainable, electric and autonomous mobility solutions.

ZF is a technological group, with more than 100 years of history, that supplies systems for all types of vehicles, as well as industrial technology. With its wide range of products and services, the company offers integrated solutions for vehicle manufacturers, mobility providers and start-ups in the fields of transport and mobility. Digital networking and automation are focal points of ZF system development as it evolves into a software and cloud-based enterprise. ZF enables vehicles to see, think and act.

Sustainability is an integral part of the ZF Group’s strategy. Its goals include complete climate neutrality by 2040. However, sustainability means much more to ZF than protecting the climate and nature, as it also focuses on the dimensions of people and enduring values.

The ZF group’s solutions in terms of sustainable mobility cover multiple options, but specifically for the collaboration with MWCC, it has thought of its solution with autonomous and electric shuttles. These, in addition to being autonomous and electric, are shared. Characteristic that allows decongestion in cities and facilitates circulation through them.

Autonomous transportation systems are not visions of the future. With our shuttles, we offer a clean, safe and locally market-adapted public transport solution that can be implemented today. This system has been extensively tested in various projects around the world, our vehicles have traveled more than 100 million kilometers autonomously.

The ZF Group not only provides the vehicles, but also offers everything from planning to project implementation; from operation to service and maintenance, delivered by our global after-sales service network. As a provider of integrated solutions, ZF supports you on the path to the perfect solution for electric, autonomous and shared mobility.