The Madrid World Capital of Construction, Engineering and Architecture association publishes has published its corporate video. Recently MWCC has incorporated entities such as España Global, Cedex, Conama, Foretica, Ie Public Tech Lab, Azvi, Cabify, Movo, Comsa, Pwc, Gmp, Metrovacesa, Joca, Avellanar, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid Calle 30, Colegio de Ingenieros Técnicos de Obras Civiles, Greeward partners, Neolabels, Fundación Cotec, Grupo Tecmared, AEMME and other public and private entities have joined the Madrid World Capital of Engineering, Construction and Architecture project.

To these are added more than 42 Town Halls of the Sierra Norte of the Community of Madrid and 3 Associations that have joined the project. At present, the adhesion of 19 municipal entities of the Sierra Oeste of the Community of Madrid is awaited.

The Association has approved a Strategic Plan in which the following actions to be implemented in the short-medium term stand out:

  • Creation of a network of universities of excellence in which training and research experiences are exchanged and annual prizes are awarded to final Master’s Thesis, Doctoral Thesis and Start-ups, all with centers in Madrid universities.
  • Need to stimulate the domestic market. Undoubtedly, the participation of public and private entities in the association will help strengthen the bonds of trust between them and that many projects necessary for the city and the country see the light of day.
  • To promote the internationalization of companies, both for those that have not done so up to now and for those that already are and are considering implanting in other markets, it is proposed to create a one-stop shop with services on project advice, risk- country, help with the process or search for partners.
  • The possibility of locating in Madrid the Court of Arbitration of the most important international sector is contemplated.
  • Likewise, work is being done on the possible celebration in Madrid of the largest event in the world in the sector, with the idea that it be held every two years in our city and interspersed in other capitals of the world, to establish Madrid as the benchmark in the sector.

Similarly, attendance at national and especially international forums is expected to explain the potential of the city and the sector in general, as has already been the case with IMEX, the most important international business fair in Spain, or TXF, the world’s largest financing event to be held at the end of the year precisely in Madrid.

We invite you to view the corporate video at: