The Madrid World Capital Association of Engineering, Construction and Architecture has joined the Spanish Network of the Global Compact, with the aim of promoting the contribution of companies in the fulfillment of sustainable development objectives.

MWCC is committed to aligning its operations with Ten Universally Accepted Principles in the areas of human rights, labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption, and to adopt measures in support of the United Nations objectives currently embodied in the Development Goals. Sustainable (ODS).

MWCC thus joins the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world, launched in 2000 and made up of more than 13,500 companies from 165 countries that have committed to taking responsible business and corporate actions to create the world we want.

For this reason, the Madrid World Capital Association of Engineering, Construction and Architecture focuses its activity on achieving sustainable cities through infrastructure, building and mobility.

MWCC has a Strategic Plan with 66 specific actions to be implemented in the short and medium term, among which the following stand out:

  • Creation of a network of universities of excellence in which training and research experiences are exchanged and annual prizes are awarded to Final Master’s Thesis, Doctoral Thesis and Start-ups, all with centers in Madrid universities.
  • Need to stimulate the domestic market. Undoubtedly, the participation of public and private entities in the association will help strengthen the bonds of trust between them and that many projects necessary for the city and the country see the light of day.
  • In order to favor the internationalization of companies, both for those that have not done so until now and for those that already are and are considering implanting in other markets, it is proposed to create a one-stop shop with services on project advice, risk -country, help with the processing or search for partners.
  • The possibility of locating in Madrid the first International Court of Arbitration specialized in the sector is contemplated.
  • It is part of the network of MITERD agents consulted for the development of regulations, documents and codes of good practices.
  • A document on the circular economy and waste reuse is in the design phase to serve as a reference for companies.
  • Likewise, work is being done on the possible celebration in Madrid of the largest event in the world in the sector, with the idea that it be held every two years in our city and interspersed in other capitals of the world, to establish Madrid as the reference of the sector.
  • Likewise, attendance at national and especially international forums is expected to explain the potential of the city and the sector in general, as has already been the case with IMEX, the most important international business fair in Spain. o TXF, the world’s largest financing event to be held at the end of the year precisely in Madrid.

In essence, in a historical moment of urgent need for economic recovery, construction, engineering and architecture are posited as a great opportunity for the generation of national wealth and employment.

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