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Italsan, a company specialized in the manufacture, distribution and technical consultancy of plastic piping systems for fluid distribution....


MWCC participates in Ifema's Cities Forum

Madrid World Capital (MWCC) analyzed the housing problem in big cities at the meeting held in Ifema....


MWCC visits Mercamadrid with the highest representatives of the municipality of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia)

MWCC has accompanied a group of social and economic representatives of the municipality of ....


Leganés City Council, MWCC and Fundación Metrópoli launch the City of Leganés project

El Ayuntamiento de Leganés ha firmado un convenio con MWCC y la Fundación Metrópoli para desarrollar un protocolo para la innovación....


MWCC to participate in the Madrid 2050 think tank on the sustainable urban development of Madrid

MWCC will participate in the Madrid 2050 think tank on the sustainable urban development of Madrid, presented by the dean of the Official College of Architects of Madrid, Sigfrido Herráez, the president of...


Urban Ecosystems: Mobility, Sustainability and Social Cohesion

The MWCC-driven panel discussion "Cities and Challenges of the Future" and organised by Dir&Ge, brought together leading…..


MWCC participates in the IFEMA Madrid Cities Forum 2024

MWCC has participated in the sixth edition of the IFEMA Madrid Cities Forum 2024….


MWCC promotes inclusion and diversity

MWCC has designed and disseminated a campaign for diversity and inclusion.....


MWCC participates in the presentation of the COTEC 2024 Yearbook

MWCC ha participado en la presentación del Anuario COTEC 2024. La Gala anual de Cotec invitó a los más de 700 asistentes.....


MWCC is supporting the development of the largest national technology meeting that will boosting technology in the field of business

The use of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and data analysis has become a key factor in improving the competitiveness of companies....


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