Global Mobility Call was born as a great Spanish-brand event that will have a direct impact on the industry, generating wealth and employment, around the mobility sector, which is expected to attract an investment of 54,000 million euros and exceed one million jobs.

Global Mobility Call, from June 14 to 16 at IFEMA MADRID, will be key to redefining the sustainable mobility of the future due to its vocation for integrating all the sectors involved in this transformation process, as well as for highlighting content with all the themes that transversally cover the development of this activity.This congress is going to have a strong impact on the industry, generating wealth and employment, just as forecasts indicate for this sector, which in our country alone is expected to attract an investment of 54,000 million euros and job creation that could exceed 1 million people.

Global Mobility Call is organized by IFEMA MADRID and Smobhub, and promoted by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda with the collaboration of the Ministries of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge; Industry, Commerce and Tourism; the Autonomous Community of Madrid, the Madrid City Council and MWCC. In total, 26 sponsors and 33 national and 12 international industry associations have joined the project, and the participation of more than 7,000 professionals is expected.

Lead the development of sustainable mobility

In the presentation of the congress, the president of the Executive Committee of IFEMA highlighted that it is “the first convergence platform for each and every one of the industrial sectors that intervene and that have an impact on the development of sustainable mobility. A proposal that strengthens the ambition of being the first comprehensive Sustainable Mobility event in Europe”.
Of the topics that will be addressed, the following stand out: the value of technology and data; the transformation of the automotive industry; new energies for decarbonised mobility; sustainability and good corporate governance criteria in 21st century companies; the multimodality and intermodality of maritime and land air transport; sustainable development and the economic impact of new mobility; the structuring of the territory in urban, interurban and rural environments; smart infrastructures; public-private collaboration, in addition to topics related to Latin America, rural and accessible mobility, the role of start-ups and young people for the mobility of the future.

MWCC works to offer a public-private collaboration ecosystem that promotes projects, both present and future, that transform mobility in the short and medium term, integrate the multisectoral ecosystem.

Global Mobility Call is the largest initiative launched around sustainable mobility in which leading companies and national and international experts will draw the main lines of a transformation process that proposes a new conception of mobility where more sustainable and connected modes of transportation become relevant. transport, intelligent alternatives for movement in cities, new technologies that facilitate the transition and infrastructures that facilitate connected and intelligent transport.

The congress will provide the opportunity to bring to Spain renowned speakers such as Michio Kaku, Uri Levine, Jeffrey Sachs, Carlos Rati, among the 250 experts and international leaders who will advance from June 14 to 16 in Madrid the outlines of what will be transport and new modes of movement in cities and mobility in rural areas of the future exchanging experiences and knowledge, presenting innovative projects and undertaking new businesses.