MWCC has visited the facilities of the Alenta Foundation, in Madrid.

During their visit they have been able to verify the different training actions, professional and employment workshops as well as day centers and residences for people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disorders.

The Alenta Foundation has fifty years of experience dedicated to the well-being and self-realization of people with intellectual disabilities and other developmental disorders and their families in Madrid.

The center has multiple sports facilities and training schools (educational and professional) that allow the different skills of the aforementioned groups to be developed. A necessary action that has the support of the Community of Madrid.

The Day Center is a daytime service that offers professional care to adults with intellectual disabilities and other developmental disorders and their families.

The Occupational Center is a professional service that supports people with intellectual disabilities to continue learning and maturing in the adult stage of life. Always in contact with the families to accompany them and help them in the challenges of everyday life. It has the classification of Special Employment Center (C.E.E).

The objective of Alenta is to improve the quality of life of users and their families, promoting their personal well-being, in a safe and understandable environment, providing the necessary support for the development, maintenance and promotion of their personal autonomy, promoting and favoring inclusion. Social.

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