MWCC has been present at the presentation of the Mad e-health cluster. The creation of this cluster is part of the Villa Agreements and is in tune with the Municipal Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan

One of its objectives is to boost economic activity through the digital health sector. The cluster also seeks to improve the quality of care, lower costs and relieve pressure on the hospital and care network.

This initiative will aim to improve the quality of life of citizens, especially of the elderly, thanks to the implementation of technological innovations in the health sector, which includes hospitals, universities and research centers; technology companies and services and medical and health products; e-Health startups.

This cluster aims to be an effective instrument of public-private collaboration that facilitates the coordinated effort of administrations, entrepreneurs, investors, universities and research centers, ensuring synergy of actions and collaborating in the orientation of public policies and the allocation of resources in e-Health matter.