MWCC has participated in the Working Woman 2022 forum, organized by YO DONA magazine (Editorial Unit). The event is held every year to take the pulse of reality on the eve of International Women’s Day. On this occasion they spoke and debated about business, entrepreneurship, conciliation and demographic challenge.

David Garcia Nuñez, president of MWCC, was able to explain the need to facilitate a positive environment for female entrepreneurship from public institutions, the need to support family reconciliation measures in the work environment as well as support for increasing the number of women in degrees scientific techniques. Training and the culture of effort and professional merit are key to breaking the glass ceiling and achieving equality and inclusion that is more than necessary and that still continues in certain economic sectors of our country.

The conference was attended by Ana Núñez-Milara. Head of female content EL MUNDO/Yo Dona; Hortensia Roig, President of EDEM; Marta García, entrepreneur and rancher. Val del Mazo Livestock; Ona Carbonell, Olympic athlete; Pilar Suarez-Inclan García de la Peña, director of Institutional Communication and CSR at Reale Seguros and Maite Marín, director of Colegios Siglo XXI

In addition, Pilar Alegría, Minister of Education and Vocational Training, had a leading role, who explained the steps to follow to achieve the necessary educational leadership of our country as the only instrument for citizen growth.

We invite you to view the conference by clicking here