MWCC has participated through its president, David Garcia Nuñez, in the Executive Think Tank “Sponsorship Marketing, Sponsorship Trends” organized by the entity “Directors and Managers”

Sponsorship investment prospects are experiencing a gradual upturn, auguring an optimistic future, after years marked by postponements, cancellations, format adjustments and the challenge of managing the value delivery of our companies in an increasingly uncertain context.

Sponsorship is an effective tool as long as the sponsors and the sponsored entity have aligned objectives, purposes and vision. It is a strategic investment that allows the promoter to establish connections, interact with its target audience and increase the expectations of the brand’s reputation on a larger scale, as well as the objectives or commercial results set, to levels that are generally much more complex to achieve. through other marketing actions.

Despite being a growing industry, it faces challenges such as the need to obtain an effective measurement of the return on investment, possible discrepancies between the perspectives of the sector and consumer expectations or the lack of transparency and trust, without forgetting a decisive commitment to integrate technology into this entire process.

In the executive Think Tank, the impact of sponsorship marketing on consumers was analyzed; innovation in the sponsorship industry as well as sponsorship trends.