MWCC participates in the conference on the future of Madrid, “New urban developments” organized by the Association of Housing Managers (AGV). Representatives from Madrid Nuevo Norte, Los Cerros, Los Berrocales, Valdecarros and Valgrande participated in the event.

The objective of this day has been to provide updated and first-hand information on the evolution of the future of the city of Madrid and the municipalities of the Community of Madrid. Various professionals from the real estate sector linked mainly to the residential sector have participated: developers, managers, construction companies, investment funds, real estate agencies, professional associations and associations, among others.

Among the main issues that have been addressed, the current state of new urban developments, the role of institutions and future challenges stand out. The Specific Modification of the Urban Planning Standards of the 1997 General Urban Planning Plan of the city of Madrid, which was definitively approved by the Government Council of the Community of Madrid on November 8, 2023, and the essential update have been analyzed. of the maximum prices for subsidized housing, whose impact affects more than seventy thousand homes that are going to be started, shortly, in the New Developments of the Southeast of the Community of Madrid, the main source of affordable housing, for generations that until now have not They have been able to acquire housing in this environment, as well as a vital engine of economic growth and job creation.

Valdecarros and Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte are members of MWCC as preferred partners.