MWCC organizes together with ICEX Pinsent Masons Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo and the Construction and Engineering Law Club – CDCI the conference on Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods (ARD) in engineering and construction projects: the role of engineers and architects.

The international conference has been designed for the active participation of lawyers as well as professionals from the construction, engineering and architecture sectors. In it, an introduction to ADR and its use in engineering and construction disputes was made; the situation in Spain was analyzed in the context of disputes before courts (new procedural efficiency law), with the participation of Fernando Gutiérrez, co-directing partner and partner in charge of the Litigation and Arbitration Department of Pinsent Masons Madrid and Laura Lozano García , Managing Partner of the Litigation and Arbitration Department of Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo Abogados.

The international scene was then studied: the relevance of ADR and the role of professionals, with the participation of two partners from the Pinsent Masons office in London. Next, arbitration was analyzed as a method of final resolution of engineering and construction disputes, where there was a round table with the participation of Almudena Castaño Sancho, head of the Court of Arbitration of the Official College of Architects of Madrid; Carlos Andrés Iso Floren, lawyer at Sacyr; Carlos Lecea, President of the Court of the College of Roads and Oscar Martínez, Regional Director of Quantum Global Solutions and President of the Construction Law Club.

Finally, the act was closed by Jose F Estevez, partner and Vice President at Cremades Calvo & Sotelo Abogados and member of the Board of Directors at MWCC.