MWCC becomes a pioneer entity in achieving the Bronze Certification (Bronze Label), of the Cluster Management Excellence Initiative (ECEI) standard. It is an initiative of the European Commission to define and certify a scheme of excellence among European clusters. It is an international standard that certifies excellence in the management of the cluster organization, based on a series of uniform quality indicators in the management and services offered to the members of the cluster organization.

The ECEI certification exposes MWCC as an entity that works under the standards defined by the European Commission and will improve internal and management capacities through unified methodologies and tools for all European clusters.

The certificate, which is the result of an analysis carried out by the European entity, homologates MWCC in relation to European models and confirms that it meets the quality requirements set by European standards.

The Bronze Label gives access to a network of international contacts and represents a big step for MWCC whose main objective is to connect companies and entities both nationally and internationally.

This is the first step of MWCC within the European Cluster Excellence Initiative, to obtain the GOLD Certification (Gold Label), which would position MWCC in the leadership of European clusters.