• Both organizations will develop actions that contribute to making the Community of Madrid a benchmark for inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities

The Madrid Capital Association of Construction, Engineering and Architecture (MWCC) and Plena Inclusión Madrid have signed a collaboration agreement whose main objective is to bet on the social inclusion of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Thanks to this agreement, signed by the presidents of MWCC and Plena Inclusión Madrid, David Garcia Núñez and Mariano Casado, both organizations will work together on actions aimed at the social inclusion of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities with special incidence in the field of the labor insertion of this group.

The agreement contemplates the search for new employment niches in areas related to the energy transition and sustainability, developing adequate training for this; as well as promoting a fully accessible community that allows the participation, without cognitive barriers, of any person, facilitating the understanding of spaces and documents.

Likewise, both organizations intend to promote actions that improve the network of Plena Inclusión Madrid centers through the implementation of energy efficiency measures and that contribute to the fight against climate change and improve their sustainability.

They will also inform and advise in a specialized way to the members of MWCC on issues related to the attention to intellectual disability and develop public forums to publicize experiences related to architecture, construction and the creation of communities that encourage the participation of the collective, are other objectives of this collaboration agreement.

After signing the agreement, the president of Plena Inclusión Mariano Casado, thanked MWCC for its involvement and stressed that networking is essential because inclusion is an objective that we neither can nor want to achieve alone. Building inclusive communities requires everyone’s participation.

For his part, the president of MWCC, David Garcia Núñez, pointed out that one of the objectives of the association is to improve the quality of life of citizens, and that objective would not be complete if we do not take into account and include, integrate people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Both agreed that the construction of an inclusive, diverse community and a benchmark in equal opportunities, must promote the sense of belonging, presence and participation of each of the people who live in it regardless of their personal circumstances, economic means, disability, gender, sexual identity, origin, age, cultural or political identity.