MWCC and Global Shappers Madrid publish the second edition of the 35 under 35 ranking. The objective of the action lies in the elaboration of a list of the most influential engineers and architects, quantity surveyors, up to 35 years of age, in Spain and Madrid. For both entities, the talent, innovation and transformation capacity of cities and business ecosystems is fundamental, and constitutes a necessary lever of change for the growth of society.

In the previous edition, more than 370 applications were received from engineers and architects whose capacity for innovation and talent are key to the present and future of society. More than 236 engineers and 134 architects participated, which shows the drive and talent of our universities and sector.

To be able to participate in the ’35 under 35′ project, engineers and architects, quantity surveyors must be under 35 years old, and must have a strong vocation for improving the quality of life through design of infrastructures and buildings and to be strongly committed to Madrid and its international positioning. Participants must be aware that innovation is the key to the present and future of society.