Global Shapers Madrid Hub and MWCC launch the first urban solutions Hackathon in Madrid, “Urban Solutions Madrid”, on February 18, 19 and 20, 2022, at the La Nave (Madrid) facilities.

Both entities have developed an event that will feature the main public and private universities in the Community of Madrid, thus achieving a connection between the academic and business worlds. The event will address current and future issues and challenges, such as urban resilience, understanding the problems posed by the Madrid environment and the search for efficient urban and rural development. The transition towards an ecological and digital model will also be examined, addressing the generation of connected cities, prepared for the future thanks to the use of new technologies. Equal development opportunities will be analyzed to reduce inequalities and promote fair and inclusive growth, key elements for social and territorial cohesion. As well as urban mobility models and new transport models, thinking about the development of communication infrastructures aimed at ensuring and improving the mobility models of the future.

During the day there will be an Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Hub to discover and offer opportunities for economic development, entrepreneurship and employment in the Community of Madrid. Hundreds of young students will have the opportunity to meet the challenges, offer value proposals to face them, all within a framework of public-private collaboration that offers quick responses as required by the constant transformation of the reality we are living.

The event will have a strong institutional presence from the different public administrations as well as from the business world.

There will be three round tables dedicated successively to Urban Resilience, Ecological and Digital Transition and Social and Territorial Cohesion.

The day will conclude with a final presentation in which the projects presented by the different registered teams will be selected. The winners, in addition to obtaining a financial prize, will be included in Banco Caminos’ entrepreneurship program, Speed ​​Way.

The sessions will take place from Friday to Sunday, including in the morning with a blended session, in person at La Nave and online for attendees. Betting on the celebration of a hybrid event that is a reference both for its themes and for being one of the first in which the presence is chosen.

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