Future Cities Challenge has joined the Madrid Capital World Association of Construction, Engineering and Architecture (MWCC). This association strengthens these sectors both in the capital and throughout Spain, consolidating the international leadership of Spanish companies and making Madrid and Spain visible as the world reference center in the sector.

The Association has among its collaborators and associates prominent technology, energy, construction, consulting companies, universities, public companies and national, regional and local entities, thus constituting a true example of public-private collaboration.

Future Cities Challenge, is a society that aims to provide professional business and business advisory services to corporate clients and institutions in the field of smart and sustainable transformation of cities and territories. This work is carried out through research, design of urban and territorial projects, and especially, through collaboration between the public and private sectors.

Likewise, Future Cities Challenge collaborates with institutions and local partners in the design and incubation of projects in the territories in which it operates and to subsequently provide services for attracting economic resources, technological solutions and identification of strategic alliances for the development of projects. of the selected territories.

Future Cities Challenge is already working on several projects in different territories of Colombia, cities such as Medellín and its sphere of influence, Cartagena de Indias, etc. It is also collaborating in the preparation of projects in other territories, in Spain, and in unique places in Africa and Asia.

In addition, Future Cities Challenge has the most advanced and sophisticated market intelligence in its environment with regard to the study and identification of the different territories, as well as the detection of international investment opportunities.

In the words of the CEO of Future Cities Challenge, Alvaro Enciso, “FCH aspires to collaborate with MWCC in the challenge of connecting our main Spanish association of urban solutions with unique projects in emerging cities and territories in which FCH has been working in different countries, especially from Latin America”

For David Garcia Nuñez, president of MWCC “this agreement is key to laying the foundations for the design of different urban solutions that improve mobility and urban connectivity, as well as the quality of life of citizens”.

The Madrid World Capital Association of Engineering, Construction and Architecture, is a project promoted by the Madrid City Council in 2016. The Association is the sum of important companies, entities from Madrid and the rest of Spain that have joined forces to work in the international positioning of the capital and of our country as a world reference in three main areas: engineering, construction and architecture; the formative leadership of the Madrid and Spanish Universities and Business Schools, and in the positioning of Madrid and Spain as a hub for innovation, sustainability and responsibility.