FCC Construcción participates in the presentation of the “Foro por Madrid” platform to promote public-private collaboration. A platform that is a commitment to Madrid’s civil society to lead the transformation movement that the capital needs.

It will be the City Council’s reference space for the discussion, analysis and proposal of initiatives aimed at optimizing collaboration between public administrations and the business world, sharing knowledge and innovative practices and achieving more efficient use of resources.

Its objectives include the generation of a shared long-term vision that lays the foundations for the future Madrid and the promotion of the city’s international positioning in foreign markets.

The vision of the future Madrid of civil society, basis of the project

The body was born with the vocation of becoming the reference platform of the Madrid City Council for the discussion, analysis and proposal of initiatives that establish optimal forms of cooperation between public administrations and the business world, share knowledge and innovative practices that convert the sector private sector into an active agent and achieve optimal results for Madrid through a combined and more efficient use of resources.

Its goals include generating a shared medium and long-term vision that lays the foundations for the future of Madrid, incorporating, with a collaborative approach, the perspectives of civil society, the academic world and companies; facilitate the joint development of projects and initiatives in the interest of the city; promote business participation in the development of high-impact strategic projects for Madrid and jointly promote the international positioning of the capital and the Madrid brand in international markets.

The participation of civil society and the private sector will be carried out through sectoral or transversal associations that have a broad representation of civil society or through the direct membership of entities to the platform.

‘Forum for Madrid’ is attached to the General Coordination of the Mayor’s Office through the General Directorate of Institutional Relations and Strategic Projects, which has powers in the promotion, promotion and coordination of the operation of public-private collaboration platforms.

The Madrid Business Forum, in the genesis of the platform

During recent years, the Madrid City Council has implemented different formulas for public-private collaboration that transcend punctual and regulated collaboration and that crystallized in the Business Forum for Madrid, a collegiate body of advice and coordination between the City Council and the business community. of the city that has functioned since then and that serves as the basis for the platform that is presented today.

Likewise, multiple collaborations have been developed structured through protocols or collaboration agreements with different non-profit associations, including MWCC, Madrid Open City or other initiatives such as Madrid and Partners or the different sectoral clusters, such as the Madrid Green Urban Mobility Lab.