European Engineering, Studies and Projects (INESPRO), a national benchmark engineering and architecture company, has joined the Madrid World Capital of Construction, Engineering and Architecture Association (MWCC). This association strengthens these sectors both in the capital and throughout Spain, consolidating the international leadership of Spanish companies and making Madrid and Spain visible as the world reference center in the sector.

INESPRO is a leader in the development of civil engineering, architecture and urban planning projects. The company has joined this initiative to support as a leading company in the sector, thus contributing its experience and technical capacity for the consolidation of the Madrid World Capital of Construction, Engineering and Architecture project at the national and international level.

David García Núñez, president of MWCC, considers INESPRO’s adhesion to MWCC exceptional: “INESPRO is a clear example of successful entrepreneurship, being a company with a short history, but with exponential growth and a contribution of great quality to the sector of the engineering and architecture At MWCC we continue to weave the public and private ecosystem built in the infrastructure and city sector”.

Among its collaborators and associates, the Association includes leading technology, energy, construction companies, consultants, universities, public companies and national, regional and local entities, thus constituting a true example of public-private collaboration.

“Engineering and architecture, as well as urban planning, are extremely important for the development of cities and for them to adapt to the needs of citizens. At INESPRO we provide high quality to the work we undertake, using cutting-edge tools for the development of projects and monitoring of the execution of works. We are delighted to be part of MWCC, where we hope to collaborate with public and private entities in the definition and development of the cities of the future, moving towards a greener and more digital Europe”, comments Luis Alberto Herrero Hernández, Manager of INESPRO.

INESPRO is a young company with rapid growth, committed to each job it undertakes. At present, it is consolidated as one of the national benchmarks in Engineering, Architecture and urban planning, where innovation and effort have been the fundamental pillars on which its growth is based and which have served as a competitive advantage over other companies in the sector.