Construcía joins the MWCC association to promote the circular economy in Madrid and Spain.

The Madrid World Capital of Engineering, Construction and Architecture (MWCC) association was established in March 2020 with the aim of strengthening the international leadership of Spanish companies and positioning the city of Madrid and Spain as a benchmark in the sector, taking advantage of the advantages competitive that both the city and the country have due to the developed business ecosystem. From MWCC they promote Madrid and Spain as a destination for foreign investment as well as a focus for attracting and retaining talent.

It is a project promoted by the Madrid City Council, which originated in 2016, but materialized at the beginning of last year and of which today more than 115 public and private entities are part.

The construction sector is one of the engines of the national and Madrid economy, representing more than 6% of GDP. In addition, it is one of the leading sectors of the Post-covid Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. However, it is a sector that carries a negative charge derived from the consequences it brings to society and the environment, being one of the largest consumers of raw materials and a great generator of waste and emissions.

Pablo Sainz de Baranda, General Director of the Construcía Group, states: “With the incorporation of Construcía into MWCC we want to contribute to promoting the circular economy in the city, developing a more sustainable and beneficial future for both society and the environment. The objective of this collaboration is to position Madrid as a benchmark in construction and to do so in a way that generates a positive impact both for the environment, as well as for people and the economy ”.