Valdecarros joins the Madrid World Capital Association of construction, engineering and architecture


Valdecarros joins the Madrid World Capital Association of construction, engineering and architecture

imagen Valdecarros joins the Madrid World Capital Association of construction, engineering and architecture
  • Valdecarros signs a membership agreement with the international association Madrid World Capital of Construction, Engineering and Architecture (MWCC), specializing in urban solutions and made up of more than 150 public and private entities.
  • Through this collaboration, Valdecarros will actively participate in positioning Madrid as an international benchmark center for urban solutions, mobility and sustainability.


Valdecarros, the largest urban development, residential and public facility in Spain, has signed a collaboration agreement with Madrid World Capital of Construction, Engineering and Architecture (MWCC), an international association whose objective is to consolidate leadership internationalization of Spanish companies and the positioning of Madrid and Spain as world references for urban regeneration, as well as promoting the engineering, construction and architecture sectors.

Valdecarros becomes part of this initiative as the new and most important residential urban development in Madrid, which will actively participate in positioning the capital as an international reference in urban solutions, mobility and sustainability, providing Madrid with more urban balance, more housing affordable and more green areas.

In Valdecarros, more than 51,000 homes will be built -of which more than 28,000 will have some type of protection- that will house a population of 150,000 people. Therefore, Valdecarros will lead the rebalancing process between housing supply and demand, helping to make housing in Madrid as affordable as possible. In addition, it will also contribute to the development of a new urbanism that is committed to flexibility, innovation and public-private collaboration. In this way, housing, endowments, services, infrastructure and green areas will be carried out in a gradual, coordinated and efficient manner.

David García Núñez, president of MWCC, considers “the incorporation of Valdecarros to MWCC is fundamental. Talking about Valdecarros is synonymous with innovation, sustainability and urban development that will establish high standards of quality of life for the citizens who live in it. A development that will connect with the center of Madrid and will structure and rebalance the city’s services and mobility. MWCC must participate in this great project by providing public-private collaboration as an instrument of transformation and growth”.

Luis Roca de Togores, president of the Compensation Board of Valdecarros has stated: “we are delighted to sign this collaboration that fits perfectly with our values ​​and objectives of creating a more balanced Madrid. Valdecarros is probably the largest urban, residential and infrastructure project between now and 2040. Due to its size, location and ownership structure, it will generate the necessary impact on the residential offer, and also on the provision and services for a better coordinated city and much more more functional and livable”.

Among its collaborators and associates, the Association has leading technology companies, insurers, certifiers, financial and energy entities, construction companies, consultants, universities, public companies and national, regional and local entities, thus constituting a true example of public-private collaboration.

Valdecarros, for its part, is one of the developments that make up the Southeast Strategy together with El Cañaveral, Ahijones, Los Berrocales and Los Cerros. It is called to become a transforming axis of the city and the ideal solution to face climate, economic and social change, helping to put Madrid at the forefront of urban development at a global level.