The University of Navarra and MWCC create “Madrid Forum”


The University of Navarra and MWCC create “Madrid Forum”

imagen The University of Navarra and MWCC create “Madrid Forum”

The University of Navarra and Madrid Capital Mundial have created “Madrid Forum”. Specifically, the Higher Technical School of Architecture of the University and the MWCC association, through this Forum, have the following objectives: to promote the Spanish infrastructure sector, the construction of mobility and cities under criteria of quality, sustainability and resilience. ; make Madrid visible as the world reference center and strengthen the international leadership of our companies.

They will work in the fields of scientific and technological research and teaching, in areas of knowledge of mutual interest, promoting the implementation of programs, projects and activities and encouraging the generation of knowledge, the exchange and transfer of this knowledge between them.

The University of Navarra and MWCC will promote education around urban solutions; Employability will be promoted in the field of urban planning (both in the Public Administration and in the private sector: Real Estate, engineering, landscaping offices, architecture and urban planning…). A study of urban solutions will be created as well as the future of cities will be investigated, analyzing the future of cities, with Madrid at the center, addressing issues such as overpopulation, digitalization and attracting talent.

The University of Navarra and MWCC invite public and private companies to join this Madrid Forum to enhance the objectives set.
The School of Architecture of the University of Navarra teaches three master’s programs at its postgraduate headquarters in Madrid: the University Master’s Degree in Architecture (qualifying), another in sustainability and another in Real Estate. It is the only university that offers qualification and specialization together in a year and a half.

The University of Navarra is an institution of Christian inspiration that carries out its teaching, research and assistance activities without profit and with a clear purpose of service to society. With more than 13,000 students (32% international) and 1,186 teachers, it has six campuses -Pamplona, San Sebastián, Madrid, Barcelona, Munich and New York-, where it teaches 37 degrees, 42 master’s degrees and 19 doctoral programs.

Its mission is to offer students a 360º education, with the necessary knowledge to face the challenges of their professional career, but also to foster values and critical thinking in them. Likewise, it carries out high-level research, for which it has eight research centers in which more than 1,000 professionals work, and with a budget of more than 106 million euros. Currently, it is promoting its 2025 Strategy, focused on projects that focus on sustainable development and care for people and the environment.