Tecnalia joins MWCC


Tecnalia joins MWCC

imagen Tecnalia joins MWCC

MWCC is an international association specializing in urban solutions and made up of more than 150 public and private entities.

MWCC was born in 2020 with the aim of consolidating the international position of Madrid and Spain as a world benchmark in the field of engineering, construction and architecture. In this sense, the best international universities are found in Madrid, which is why it aspires to lead training through Madrid and Spanish universities and business schools; strengthen the position of Madrid and Spain as a hub for innovation, sustainability and good business and professional practices, and propose new city models based on sustainability to society.

TECNALIA becomes part of a project collaborating with agents from the public administration, companies, foundations/associations, technological institutes, universities, thus representing the entire spectrum of agents involved in the engineering sector, construction and architecture of cities.

In the words of the president of MWCC, David Garcia Nuñez, “the incorporation of Tecnalia represents a clear commitment to innovation in the different urban solution projects that we develop”


TECNALIA is the largest center for applied research and technological development in Spain, a benchmark in Europe and a member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance. We collaborate with companies and institutions to improve their competitiveness, people’s quality of life and achieve sustainable growth. We do it thanks to people who are passionate about technology and committed to building a better society. Its main areas of action are: Digital Transformation, Smart Manufacturing, Energy Transition, Sustainable Mobility, Urban Ecosystem and Personalized Health.