Nesi Forum signs a collaboration agreement with MWCC


Nesi Forum signs a collaboration agreement with MWCC

imagen Foro Nesi firma un acuerdo de colaboración con MWCC

The Nesi Forum and the Madrid World Capital (MWCC) have signed a collaboration agreement to promote social innovation and new economy projects in which the co-creation of a new economy at the service of citizens is sought. To achieve this, they will have the support of MWCC’s public and private ecosystem.

They will work continuously to promote a new economy based on criteria of sustainability, justice and collaboration, which takes care of people and the planet.

MWCC is an association promoted by the Madrid City Council and the Community of Madrid and whose purpose is the relationship and cooperation between partners for the strengthening, revitalization, expansion and promotion of urban solutions, as well as the associated industry and materials. Made up of 187 partners, MWCC works to position Spain, and in particular its capital, as an international reference center in education, training and R&D&I, in advice, design, construction, financing and project management, as well as in organization of conferences, conferences and fairs.

The purpose of the Nesi Forum is based on connecting people and organizations to promote innovative proposals in order to build a fairer and more sustainable economy. These proposals will be disseminated through technical reports and awareness campaigns to governments, international organizations, companies and citizens to generate a social, economic and political transformation.

For David Garcia Nuñez, President of MWCC, “the incorporation of the Nesi Forum as a collaborating entity represents a new commitment to the development of the more than 15 social and innovative projects that we execute in the public and private business ecosystem created at MWCC.”