MWCC winner of the sixteenth edition of the Caminos Madrid Awards


MWCC winner of the sixteenth edition of the Caminos Madrid Awards

imagen MWCC winner of the sixteenth edition of the Caminos Madrid Awards

MWCC has won in the category of responsible and sustainable entity, in the sixteenth edition of the Premios Caminos Madrid, organised by the Demarcation of Madrid.

MWCC is an entity promoted by the Madrid City Council and the Community of Madrid, made up of more than 190 public and private entities. It has created a business ecosystem made up of financial, university, construction, engineering, architecture, energy, technology, certification, urban planning, investment funds, industrial companies… In short, a business ecosystem born to leave its mark of Marca Madrid and Marca España nationally and internationally. MWCC is committed to attracting international investment in Madrid and Spain; they are committed to business synergies in urban projects such as Madrid Nuevo Norte, Malaga Technology District or the new public transport network in New York.

Madrid World Capital was born at a necessary moment; it was born to add and multiply the strength of the business ecosystem. Madrid World Capital is transversality, transparency, future, it is a city brand and a country brand. It shapes opportunities, growth and, above all, the exploitation of synergies between public and private entities through the multi-sectoral business ecosystem created.

MWCC is a communicating vessel between university and business, a point of union between university talent and the different job opportunities that companies demand.

It is a connection point between the needs of the main players in an increasingly competitive market, demanding urban projects and solutions, and the demands of the main national and international public administrations.

Since its creation in 2020, MWCC has received 20 awards, which recognise the more than 50 projects developed, and which have undoubtedly improved the quality of life of citizens through the innovation and sustainability projects designed.