MWCC will participate in the VI Iberoamerican Congress of Engineering and Technology


MWCC will participate in the VI Iberoamerican Congress of Engineering and Technology

imagen MWCC participará en el VI Congreso Iberoamericano de Ingeniería y Tecnología

MWCC has confirmed its participation in the VI Ibero-American Congress of Engineering and Technology, CIBITEC 2024. Specifically, it will take part in the debate Sustainable Construction and Rehabilitation. At the heart of every sustainable construction and rehabilitation project is engineering, a discipline that shapes our cities and defines their future. Engineers, including industrial engineers, are the ones who, with their solid training, can transform sustainability from concept to reality.

With an investment of 15,367 million euros, the housing rehabilitation and regeneration plan of the Recovery Plan responds to the need to improve Spain’s building and housing stock to meet European sustainability targets. 

In this scenario, industrial engineers play a crucial role, applying principles of efficiency, innovation and environmental responsibility. 

CIBITEC is an initiative that began in 2017 with the aim of promoting technological development, industrialisation and digitisation of industry. In this sixth edition, the megatrends shaping the future will be analysed. The energy transition, the fight against climate change, smart and sustainable cities, strategic autonomy, resource scarcity and technological innovation are the pillars on which we will build our dialogue and collaboration.

CIBITEC not only represents a space for knowledge, but a forum where engineering becomes the driving force behind innovative solutions.