MWCC visits Mercamadrid with the highest representatives of the municipality of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia)


MWCC visits Mercamadrid with the highest representatives of the municipality of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia)

Image MWCC visita Mercamadrid

MWCC has accompanied a group of social and economic representatives of the municipality of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia) on a visit to Mercamadrid. During this visit, they were able to learn about the history and operation of one of the largest wholesale markets in Europe.

The visit included a tour of the fishmonger's and greengrocer's areas, where the daily operations and quality control systems that ensure the maximum traceability and quality of the products were observed at close quarters. This experience allowed the Colombian delegation to learn about Mercamadrid's advanced preservation techniques and logistical efficiency.
This type of economic-social exchange strengthens the ties between the two cities and promotes the development of best practices in the food distribution sector.

Mercamadrid is the largest fresh food distribution, marketing, transformation and logistics platform in Spain. Mercamadrid is one of the leading Food Units on the international scene, thanks not only to the infrastructures and services available, but especially thanks to the significant activity and dynamism that the companies installed there have been demonstrating in recent times.
It concentrates one of the widest and most diverse offers of fresh food, with the best products from more than 50 countries and the possibility of distributing them to the five continents in very competitive times and processes. All in a single space, which works day and night to supply a demand that exceeds local demand, with more than 12 million consumers and a sphere of influence of 500 km.
It brings together the Central Fish, Fruit and Vegetable Markets of Madrid, as well as the Meat Market, multi-purpose companies specialising in the food sector and a wide range of service companies: industrial refrigeration, conservation, logistics, transport, handling, etc.
This market has consolidated its position as the largest European market for perishable foodstuffs and the second largest in the world with respect to the Central Fish Market, after Tsukiji in Tokyo.
It has 222 hectares at the service of the more than 800 companies installed on its surface