MWCC visit to the Alfonso X el Sabio University


MWCC visit to the Alfonso X el Sabio University

image MWCC visit to the Alfonso X el Sabio University

The Alfonso X University has received a visit to its facilities from David Garcia Nuñez, President of MWCC and David Solla Navarro, Coordinator of the Madrid World Capital Association of Construction, Engineering and Architecture (MWCC).

The visit brought together Ana Isabel Fernández Martínez (Rector), Javier Cano Lucaya (CEO), Carmen Caballero Hernando (Director of the UAX Foundation), Luis Couceiro Martínez (Director of the UAX Foundation) on the campus of the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio (UAX). Escuela Politécnica Superior), and Ángel Sampedro Rodríguez (Director of Engineering and Architecture).

The objective of the meeting and subsequent visit to the university facilities, was the consolidation and development of specific actions and programs between both entities. The UAX was a pioneer in joining the MWCC project, which had its origin in 2016 and which in 2020 has materialized in the form of an Association, and whose purpose is to become one of the main world exponents in engineering, construction and architecture, as well as the development of mobility, connectivity and urban development projects.

Madrid World Capital of Engineering, Construction and Architecture is made up of more than 110 agents of the public administration, companies, foundations and associations, technological institutes, universities, etc., representing the entire spectrum of agents involved in the reference sectors , which are strategic for the areas of training and research developed at the Polytechnic School of the UAX, where students, teachers and facilities are clearly oriented towards innovation, digitization and sustainability of these activities and services, seeking excellence and projection international.

The representatives of both entities exposed and reinforced the common interests in the development of different projects that affect the medium term of Madrid; the participation of company practices and specialized training forums, where several collaborations between students and professors of the UAX are already underway within projects and working groups of the MWCC association. Collaborations such as the one with MWCC directly affect academic innovation and its effective communication with the business world, in such a way that academic and research actions contribute to meeting demand and employability in the infrastructure sector.

Subsequently, a visit was made to the facilities of the UAX Campus in Villanueva de la Cañada (Madrid), where the Virtual Simulation Hospital, the ROADLAB SACYR-UAX Laboratory stand out due to their interest in joint projects between both entities. of materials for road surfaces and the FAB LAB UAX of digital manufacturing.

Thanks to this close collaboration between MWCC and the UAX, students of the University Master’s Degree in Engineering of Roads, Canals and Ports of the UAX are developing their End of Studies Project in a study on the possibilities of burying sections of the M-30 in Madrid, and others from the Degree in Business Administration and Management in a study on the development of public-private partnerships in Spain.