MWCC signs a collaboration agreement with the ALENTA Foundation


MWCC signs a collaboration agreement with the ALENTA Foundation

imagen MWCC firma un acuerdo de colaboración con la Fundación ALENTA

MWCC has signed a collaboration agreement with the ALENTA Foundation. The ALENTA Special Education College is the entity’s longest-standing service, being the first to be founded and begin activity in 1967, boasting more than 55 years of experience in providing educational assistance to students with specific educational support needs that require a highly specialized intervention.

The ALENTA Day Center is a daytime service that offers quality and warm professional care to adults with intellectual disabilities and other developmental disorders and their families.

The ALENTA Occupational Center is a close and professional service that supports people with intellectual disabilities to continue learning and maturing in the adult stage of life. Always in contact with the families to accompany them and help them in the challenges of everyday life.

The ALENTA Foundation and MWCC will collaborate in the education, promotion and optimization of the full development of people with intellectual disabilities and developmental disorders, in a way that allows them to direct their own lives in the most autonomous and full way possible.

Among other actions, they will develop:

  • Disseminate the actions derived from both entities as a result of the agreement signed in this document.
  • Identify and develop synergies between the two associations in order to allow associates to be offered information and services for their corporate actions.
  • Disseminate ALENTA’s actions among MWCC associates and disseminate actions and projects directly linked to MWCC’s objectives among ALENTA stakeholders.