MWCC sends more than 300 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine


MWCC sends more than 300 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine

imagen MWCC sends more than 300 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine

MWCC in collaboration with GIRAS, Asociación Sonrisas, Spanish Center, have sent more than 300 tons of medical supplies and food to Ukraine.

The act presided over by Begoña Villacis, Deputy Mayor of Madrid and Santiago Saura, Councilor delegate of the area of ​​internationalization and cooperation together with the Ambassador of Ukraine in Spain and the President of MWCC, David Garcia Nuñez, have visited the covnoy that transfers humanitarian aid to Ukraine . The material stored in the Almacén de la Villa has been the point of departure for another three trucks loaded with food and basic necessities bound for Lviv.

In addition, the integration plan for families from Ukraine residing in Madrid within the District 22 kyiv project to support the reconstruction of the country and, in particular, its capital, has been detailed.

Among the urgent measures is attention and information for asylum-seeking families in the Las Caracolas center, in Villa de Vallecas, through which 702 people have already passed, of which 453 have slept at least one night in the center before of being referred to resources of the Ministry of Inclusion, competent to welcome them. Likewise, the plan includes the transfer to the central government of the Daoiz y Velarde Sports Center, in the Retiro district, which has allowed the creation of a transit resource with capacity for 240 people.

New information, orientation and integration measures

The integration plan highlights in a special way some measures encompassed in two sections. The first includes those intended to provide information and notions of Spanish to Ukrainians, most of them women with dependent children, who are in Madrid. Among these measures is the preparation of a basic resource guide in Ukrainian that facilitates orientation in health services, education, registration, residence permits, access to employment, etc. Access and information on immigration matters is also provided, as well as Spanish courses with measures to support conciliation to encourage families to attend. This group of measures is considered basic for the future integration of Ukrainian refugees in Madrid and in Spain.

The second section of outstanding measures includes those aimed at especially vulnerable groups. Among them is the development of an information campaign to prevent women from being captured by human trafficking networks, especially for sexual exploitation. In relation to children, one hundred places have been reserved in the Easter camps managed by the social area to facilitate the conciliation of Ukrainian families. Measures for the elderly are also included, such as preferential access to the Home Help Service or the Telecare Service. For any form of vulnerability, the population from Ukraine is guaranteed urgent access to the first appointment at the municipal social services.

The District 22 kyiv project aims to act on three levels: immediate humanitarian aid in the face of the conflict emergency, care, accommodation and integration of refugees and future aid in the reconstruction of the city and its main infrastructures.

imagen MWCC envía más de 300 toneladas de ayuda humanitaria a Ucrania