MWCC present at World News Media Congress 2022


MWCC present at World News Media Congress 2022

imagen MWCC present at World News Media Congress 2022

MWCC present at the World News Media Congress 2022. At the same time, the World Summit of Media Leaders, World Editors Summit, Women in Media Summit, Golden Pen of Freedom Award were held.

The objective of this meeting, which has been held since 1948 and faces its 73rd edition these days, is to protect the rights of journalists and editors and promote the freedom and independence of the media. More than 1,500 executives from all over the world have attended this edition. On this occasion, representatives from nearly 75 countries have been present at the annual meeting of media executives, in which more than 118 international speakers have participated, with the support of 57 sponsors, including media partners, and in collaboration with the Henneo publishing group, the Government of Aragon and Zaragoza.

Speakers from major news organizations have reflected on the news industry, its strategies and the solutions adopted to make the media sustainable.

September 28 coincided with World News Day, in which more than 500 newsrooms and media support organizations from around the world have joined in a global campaign to highlight the value of fact-based journalism that has the participation of media such as the ‘Financial Times’, ‘The Globe and Mail’, ‘The Straits Times’ or ‘La Nación’, among others.