MWCC present at the launch of Madrid&Partners


MWCC present at the launch of Madrid&Partners

imagen MWCC present at the launch of Madrid&Partners

MWCC present at the launch of Madrid&Partners. With the motto ‘It’s time for Madrid’, the City Council has promoted the first Madrid&Partners meeting to promote the Madrid brand. Organized by the Office of Partnership and Brand, dependent on the Area of ​​Economy, Innovation and Employment, Madrid&Partners integrates more than fifty public and private actors from the most representative sectors of the city and seeks to be a space for collaboration and dialogue that allows detect initiatives, coordinate efforts and generate synergies to position the Madrid brand internationally in order to increase competitiveness, attract talent and investment, generate wealth and employment and foster a sense of belonging among the citizens of the capital.

The deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, considers that “Madrid was the best kept secret” and that, however, at the moment “the whole world is beginning to talk about Madrid” and believes that this is precisely the objective that must be achieved Madrid&Partners, a meeting held today where various initiatives were discussed with the aim of promoting projects and promoting actions that enhance the image of the capital’s brand.

Villacís has recalled the difficulty of explaining what Madrid is, “we know that it is the best city in the world: to live, enjoy, have a family and have a balanced life between work, leisure and culture. But what makes it so special is an intangible, it’s something you feel.” And for this reason, the efforts being made by the Madrid City Council in this regard are necessary, and which also include the actions carried out from the private sector “joining efforts and initiatives to promote the Madrid brand”.

Building a strong, positive and attractive brand for the city of Madrid is a key strategic action whose main objective is to strengthen its international position and its competitive capacity in the global environment. Madrid City Council has been working for years with entities from the city’s economic, social, scientific, cultural and sports sectors to create an identity of its own for the capital.