MWCC participates in the presentation of the Videogame Campus, which makes Madrid the epicenter of this industry in Europe


MWCC participates in the presentation of the Videogame Campus, which makes Madrid the epicenter of this industry in Europe

imagen MWCC participates in the presentation of the Videogame Campus, which makes Madrid the epicenter of this industry in Europe

MWCC has participated in the presentation of the Videogame Campus. Madrid begins the game to become the world capital of videogames and promote the industry with the Madrid in Game Videogame Campus, one of the great digital ecosystems in Europe. With more than 3,000 square meters distributed in three pavilions and an investment of 25 million euros, the Videogame Campus makes the city of Madrid the epicenter of the videogame industry in Europe.

Madrid in Game, city project

Madrid in Game is a Madrid City Council project developed through the Area of Economy, Innovation and Employment and based on two strategic pillars: the Video Game Campus itself, inaugurated today, and the Video Game Cluster, made up of almost 70 companies that work hand in hand. hand on and off campus to develop new gamification ideas through the interaction between professionals in the sector, local talent and the industrial fabric. Madrid in Game accompanies the different initiatives focused on promoting the video game industry and gamification in the capital, thus making it a world benchmark in the sector.

The Madrid in Game Video Game Campus is divided into three pavilions: Experience Center, an experiential and learning space through video games; Esports Center, a high-performance center for video gamers, with tournaments and municipal leagues, and the Development Center, a pavilion dedicated to the incubation and acceleration of projects in the sector.

Experience Center

It is the place where you can discover and experience through the video game. Gamification manages to bring the visitor closer, making him an active part of the community from an experimental point of view.

This pavilion is a journey from the analog to the digital and puts the video game at the center as the engine of development and innovation. In this space it is sought that anyone can participate, interact, get excited, learn, delve into history, have fun and, above all, be part of the action.

Sports Center

This pavilion is the high-performance e-sports center in Madrid, a great meeting point for this sector in the city. It is designed to house a large training area for e-sports teams, and will be the headquarters of the municipal league.

Esports Center aims to promote the development of the competition for fans, so it will be open to all citizens. There will be municipal leagues with different styles of play that position the space among the most competitive gaming community. In addition, it is a special place for video game competitions developed by Madrid studios. Likewise, it has a special focus on the specialization of talent with a training proposal based on the reinforcement of capacities, on the promotion of the gender perspective and on the dissemination of young talented video gamers.

Development Center

It has spaces equipped with the most innovative and disruptive technologies in each of their respective fields intended to provide resources to the entire campus ecosystem. This space houses the ‘Madrid Level Up’ program with which companies and entrepreneurs related to the video game, gaming and e-sports sector obtain training, support from specialist mentors, access to investors and a physical and virtual workspace .

The program is intended for companies seeking new opportunities, as well as projects that have just started. Companies that already have an advanced prototype and are about to hit the market also have their place here, as well as those that have already taken off with first metrics and that need to consolidate their business model.

The Development Center has a sound laboratory where they experiment with the latest technologies related to sound applied to video games and another laboratory specialized in immersive editing techniques and integration of real and computer-generated images. In addition, this project incubation and acceleration center also houses an XR Lab, a space for experimentation with augmented and mixed virtual reality, a training room where knowledge can be shared and mentored, and networking spaces for collaborative network projects.