MWCC participates in the presentation of the Madrid Nuevo Norte Business Center as “the future of the best Madrid”


MWCC participates in the presentation of the Madrid Nuevo Norte Business Center as “the future of the best Madrid”

imagen MWCC participates in the presentation of the Madrid Nuevo Norte Business Center as “the future of the best Madrid”

MWCC has participated in the presentation of the project for the future Madrid Nuevo Norte Business Center (MNN), the largest urban transformation and regeneration operation, the future of the best Madrid. This is a development that will make it possible to expand the financial area of the capital with the construction not only of a large number of office buildings, but also, thanks to a new urban model, several green areas, numerous residential buildings and various endowments will be incorporated and urban equipment. The urbanization project for this new area will be completed in 2023 and the urbanization works could begin in 2025, provided that the processing of the project complies with the established deadlines.

Sustainable, innovative, efficient and hyperconnected, this is how the new Business Center of the capital will be. In this sense, the Madrid Nuevo Norte Business Center leaves behind the drawbacks of traditional business centers in which the exclusivity of office use means that they lack urban activity outside working hours. In this new Business Center, tertiary, residential and service uses will coexist, creating an attractive urban environment in line with new habits and priorities, where citizens can not only work, but also live and enjoy the city.

Madrid New North

The MNN Business Center will be a fundamental node of the new financial district of Madrid that intends to compete with those of London, Paris or Frankfurt in terms of its power to attract investment and talent. The new area will be created focused on promoting and developing the knowledge economy, making innovation its flagship and developing a highly differentiated concept with respect to the traditional model.

The new Business Center will be one of the four areas that will make up Madrid Nuevo Norte together with those of ‘Las Tablas Oeste’, ‘Malmea-San Roque-Tres Olivos’, which will house the largest number of homes in the entire project, and the own ‘Chamartín Station’ that will be completely renovated.

The Madrid Nuevo Norte project continues its development after the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid dismissed last month the nine appeals filed against the modification of the General Plan of Madrid, ruling out each and every one of the allegations presented and ratifying the planning .

Housing and public facilities

From a residential perspective, the design of the new area is based on a mixed-use city model with a wide range of affordable housing, essential for attracting and retaining young talent.

The Business Center will have 2,600 homes out of a total of 10,500 that will be built in Madrid Nuevo Norte and of these, close to 1,600 (62%), will be dedicated to public policies.

In addition, the project has reserved 131,000 m2 for public facilities distributed in five plots for educational, sports and civic-social use. With these facilities, not only the new development will be served, but also the needs of the current neighborhoods, bordering the project, favoring the urban integration that this plan champions.

The MNN Business Center will be connected with nature and will have a large green area of more than 14 hectares located on the slab that will be built above the tracks of the Chamartín Station and that will allow the surrounding neighborhoods to be linked, closing a historical gap that, for decades, has divided the north of the capital in two. This future Central Park will have a wind garden together with rain gardens, pollination flower beds, urban gardens and a large ranch meadow. All these elements will make this green area a new iconic space in Madrid, designed to have activity throughout all hours of the day and for its visitors to connect with nature.

Best practices in innovation

Among the most outstanding characteristics of the new development, is the application of the highest standards of sustainability and efficiency in building, reducing energy consumption by 15% compared to what is required by current regulations, the guarantee that there is access to transport public less than a ten-minute walk from any point in the new area and the installation of a cutting-edge 5G infrastructure that will allow ultra-connectivity and intelligent management.

The new MNN Business Center will have infrastructures designed to optimize the use of resources, promoting the reuse of water and waste, decarbonized air conditioning or smart mobility and zero-emission urban logistics. In addition, it will provide a naturalized environment in which there is a minimum of 20% vegetation cover on the surface of the plot or block.