MWCC participates in the CIEC Summit of Innovation in Circular Economy


MWCC participates in the CIEC Summit of Innovation in Circular Economy

imagen MWCC participates in the CIEC Summit of Innovation in Circular Economy

MWCC has participated in the CIEC Summit on Innovation in Circular Economy held at CIEC on October 24. It was an event in which the business connection with the CIEC ecosystem was strengthened, as well as the work that CIEC develops to promote the circular economy of the city of Madrid. In it, the company support programs, the different innovation and awareness laboratories, were presented.

Several round tables were held: OpenLab CIEC & Awareness: energy transition and the path to the decarbonization of companies; live ecosystem: open innovation for the circular economy (dialogue in business-startup pairs); innovation in circular economy, challenges and opportunities; citizen participation as a tool of the inclusive circular economy.

At the same time, the CIEC startup fair and the products designed at the EELISA hackathon were inaugurated.

Recently, the Circular Economy Innovation Center (CIEC Madrid) of the Madrid City Council and the Madrid World Capital association (MWCC), which brings together the main agents of the engineering, construction and architecture sectors of the capital and all its value chain, have signed a collaboration agreement.

The agreement seeks to facilitate and consolidate the relationship and synergies between organizations, companies and public and private institutions that make up both entities or belong to their ecosystems.

The CIEC Madrid – MWCC collaboration will especially prioritize joint actions that involve agents from the engineering and construction sector, areas of economic activity that in recent years have been experiencing and accelerating changes in their operating and business models on the path to greater sustainability, both environmental and economic.

In this context, the agreement between MWCC and CIEC Madrid especially covers the union of both ecosystems in the development of joint actions, support on issues related to the circular economy and entrepreneurship, and communication.

The alliance between the two entities is based on public-private collaboration and joins the efforts of the capital city council to accelerate and consolidate innovative business models that are respectful of the environment and the use of resources.