MWCC participates in Spain Investor Day


MWCC participates in Spain Investor Day

imagen MWCC participates in Spain Investor Day

MWCC has participated in the largest investment attraction forum in Spain: Spain Investor Day

Spain Investors Day (SID) is a unique professional forum in Spain, where the main international investors learn about the current situation of the main Spanish listed companies. It brings together companies from the most prominent sectors of the Spanish economy, such as banking, technology companies, energy, security, infrastructure, tourism, etc.

The objective of the SID is to encourage and strengthen confidence in Spain and consolidate the Spanish economy as a pole of attraction for investment in a challenging context, marked by major macroeconomic and geopolitical factors, such as the War in Ukraine and the conflict between Palestine and Israel. as well as the evolution of inflation and interest rates, which have forced changes in the profile of investors and in the behavior of companies.

Attendees analyzed the challenges and opportunities offered by the market and Spanish companies, at a time when caution prevails, pending the development of the current geopolitical situation that decisively affects the global economy.

This new edition brought as a novelty the holding of various Round Tables and Conferences in which different experts will debate concepts that are being incorporated into business management and that are very present in investors’ decisions, such as artificial intelligence, the role of biotechnology sector or decarbonization.

The Spain Investors Day forum also served as a meeting point to address issues such as business sustainability or the Green Deal, focused on the ecological transition in the mobility sector.

Foreign direct investment has a great impact on the economy of countries and regions. In Madrid the data is positive:

  • In the Community of Madrid, the stock of foreign direct investment is more than 360,000 million euros, which represents 155% of the regional GDP.
  • In employment figures, this translates into 569,948 jobs at the end of 2021, 18% of the employed population in the region and 32% of the employment derived from this type of investments in Spain.
  • The Community of Madrid continues to lead year after year in all rankings linked to foreign investment in Spain, both in investment figures and in the number of companies and jobs.
  • The region generates almost 20% of the national GDP and leads the creation of companies in Spain.
  • In 2023, Madrid received more than 50% of all foreign investment, with a total of 10.2 billion euros
  • Madrid is home to 31% of large companies and today is the second European region with the most technological employment.