MWCC participates in RADAR SERES 2023


MWCC participates in RADAR SERES 2023

imagen MWCC participates in RADAR SERES 2023

MWCC has participated in the RADAR SERES 2023 conference: social impact for a new era. The company as a leader of social change, its role in caring for the most vulnerable groups, responsible leadership, talent retention models, formulas to turn the company into a well-being platform for employees, purpose as a strategic axis in creation of a new business model, responsible AI and its challenges or how technology is revealed as a lever for generating progress and cultural transformation are some of the topics discussed at the conference. Spanish companies become engines of change and key actors in responding to the social and environmental challenges that Spain faces.

RADAR SERES, is the reference forum and the most important event for social innovation in Spain. Key actors from the business community, academic representatives, media and international specialists participated in the event. MWCC has reflected on the latest trends in social matters, the best formulas have been shared to incorporate the purpose of social matters into business strategy.

The objective of MWCC is to demonstrate how social innovation has become an opportunity to transform business reality by offering solutions to the most pressing problems to build a more sustainable, fair, healthy and inclusive society. And all this combining social and financial profitability. Promote and consolidate social innovation, bring the message of corporate senior management closer to society and consolidate a meeting forum between the main actors of change to connect companies and social leaders, share experiences and promote collaborative models.