MWCC participates in Madrid Platform


MWCC participates in Madrid Platform

imagen MWCC participates in Madrid Platform

MWCC has participated in the largest business meeting point between Latin America and Europe: Madrid Platform. The association together with the Community of Madrid, CBRE and the Metropoli Foundation has presented Madrid Innovation Lab. A session in which the challenges of defining a growth and regeneration project for Madrid towards 2040 have been addressed. A session in which referenced innovative and transformative projects in Madrid and its region. Especially collaborative projects between the public sector and the private sector, projects with transformative capacity and in tune with a regional and global vision of our city. The objective of this Forum is to continue promoting the innovative profile of Madrid, also in the field of urban solutions and a city model.

The forum included the participation of the General Director of Madrid Nuevo Norte Land and Office of the Community of Madrid, the Director of the Innovation Laboratory, Founder and CEO of Fundación Metropoli, and the Madrid director of CBRE.

At Madrid Platform 2023, it is expected that around 5,000 European companies and Latin Americans, present their projects, look for opportunities investment and generate international agreements and business. In addition, 78 events with relevant content will be organized in four scenarios, 22 technology-based agoras, more than 1,500 meetings of business and individual meetings (“one-on-one”) to connect companies.