MWCC participates in an online event organized by Business Finland


MWCC participates in an online event organized by Business Finland

imagen MWCC participates in an online event organized by Business Finland

MWCC has participated in an online event organized by Business Finland and in which Finnish companies and organizations such as the Smart City Innovation Cluster (SCIC) have participated. At the event, Finnish decarbonization solutions have been agreed with the rest of the country’s urban challenges to provide urban solutions for a smart, sustainable and safe living environment. for citizens.

According to Outi Suomi, Decarbonized Cities Program Director at Business Finland, “Cities around the world are facing significant challenges that cannot be addressed alone. “We encourage Finnish companies to develop solutions in international collaboration for the carbon neutrality challenges of selected partner cities.”

Irene Diez Benito, Head of Marketing and Communication for the Madrid cluster, presented the MWCC and its focus on large-scale urban regeneration projects currently under development in the Madrid area. She also highlighted the Urban Solutions Innovation Laboratory and Madrid Metropolis 2040, as pioneering forms of public-private collaboration between the Community of Madrid, private companies and the cluster.

The Smart City Innovation Cluster, led by Pertti Kortejarvi, places Finnish companies at the center of their own existence. SCIC’s activities are driven by demand and challenges, actively explored in cities and communities, seeking to provide a better life for citizens and create solutions to climate change.

By bringing together cutting-edge expertise and one of MWCC, they jointly design solutions for smart and sustainable urban development, to change the future of tomorrow’s cities.

The collaboration between Finland and Spain will allow the best solution providers to connect directly with challenge owners to solve city, area and company challenges.

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