MWCC joins the SDG 18 Alliance


MWCC joins the SDG 18 Alliance

imagen MWCC joins the SDG 18 Alliance

MWCC has joined the SDG 18 Alliance created by the prestigious Dircom association.

SDG 18 vindicates the right to understand. A right that the administration, governments and companies must ensure to connect people and include them in the construction of a different and better world. A right that must be protected in a world where the media ecosystem is radically different from what existed ten years ago: the emergence, for example, of artificial intelligence, was not contemplated in the launch of the SDGs.

An SDG18 that must have clear, ethical and responsible communication, a new global objective for the right to understand. This objective is defended by other large international organizations such as the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management.

SDG 18 will accelerate the remaining 17, help close the gap between intention and action, drive individual action, promote transformation initiatives and encourage global and national action to ensure better leadership, more smart resources and solutions.