MWCC joins the European Diversity Month 2024


MWCC joins the European Diversity Month 2024

imagen MWCC joins the European Diversity Month 2024

MWCC joins the European Month of Diversity, an initiative that is celebrated every year with the aim of promoting inclusion and diversity in all areas of society.

Companies and workplaces are key to building an inclusive society. Creating more diverse work teams is not only the right thing to do, but also brings tangible benefits for companies.

Embracing inclusion and diversity at work can overcome challenges such as an increasingly ageing population, the need to develop new skills and work in a more sustainable way. Diverse teams are more creative, innovative and adaptable, enabling them to better respond to market changes and customer needs.

MWCC encourages all partner companies and collaborators to join European Diversity Month and take action to create a more inclusive workplace. On the European Diversity Month website,, you can find resources and tools to help you get started.