MWCC joins the Companies #porelclima initiative


MWCC joins the Companies #porelclima initiative

imagen MWCC joins the Companies #porelclima initiative

MWCC has joined the #porelclima Companies initiative, within the #porelclima Community. The #PorElClima Community is the multi-sector platform that seeks to implement the Paris Agreement. To this end, since the end of 2016, they have been working on carrying out impact actions that promote their implementation by the business sector and lead to the decarbonization of the economy. Highlight and make visible the challenges achieved as well as bring together the pioneers of action to stop the climate emergency.

By joining this initiative we become the engine of change and action, promoting sustainable habits and actions and building an economy in which progress and the planet are two inseparable elements.

The climate emergency requires joint, ambitious and resounding action. Our goal is for MWCC’s 187 partner and collaborating entities to advance in the decarbonization of the economy and achieve neutrality by 2050. Science has revealed on numerous occasions the need for joint and coordinated action to confront the climate emergency. through mitigation and adaptation measures that lead to the development of a decarbonized society.

The moment is now.