MWCC is once again a leader, thanks to you


MWCC is once again a leader, thanks to you

MWCC is once again a leader as an entity promoted by the Madrid City Council and the Community of Madrid, in the field of public-private collaboration.

During fiscal year 2023, the association has grown an extraordinary 62%, which is an exceptional achievement, a direct result of the continuous support and participation of our partners.

With a total of 187 associated public and private entities, MWCC has proven to be a national benchmark in strengthening relationships between different sectors of activity. Member satisfaction stands at 85%, and more than 70% actively participate in the forums and organized activities, evidencing the commitment and trust placed in the association.

The ecosystem of companies formed stands out for its diversity, with 77% listed member companies and 39% SMEs that represent all business sectors in the country. This balance reflects the breadth of the collaborative network formed, strengthening the interconnection and exchange of ideas and projects.

MWCC consolidates itself as a leader in sustainability and innovation, leading the way for responsible business development. The commitment to these fundamental principles is reflected in the fact that 100% of the associated entities are based in Spain, 70% of them have an international focus.

In addition, MWCC has the collaboration of 9 public and private universities, representing 70% of the university sector, a key piece for the university-business connection. The three Public Administrations (National, Regional and Local) are represented, consolidating MWCC’s position as a key actor in the dialogue between the public and private sectors.

With more than 40 projects in development and more than 10 projects successfully implemented, MWCC continues to advance and contribute to economic and social progress. It will continue to grow thanks to the commitment and collaboration of associates, whose constant support is essential for shared success.

MWCC celebrates a year of outstanding achievements, establishing itself as a leader in promoting collaborative relationships, sustainability and innovation in the business field.

image MWCC is once again a leader, thanks to you