MWCC celebrates its third anniversary


MWCC celebrates its third anniversary

imagen MWCC celebrates its third anniversary

The entity Madrid Capital Mundial celebrated on March 4 its third anniversary since its creation on March 4, 2020, World Engineering Day.

Three years ago, on March 4, 2020, 23 public and private entities, promoted by the Madrid City Council, worked to establish Madrid World Capital. They proposed a triple objective in their strategic plan: to make Madrid and Spain a focus of attraction for international investment; create and promote the Madrid brand internationally and establish itself as an international benchmark entity in the field of urban solutions.

From this date, the Board of Directors that was to manage and expand the association during its first steps was appointed: David García Núñez (FCC) as President, Jose Polimon as Honorary President, Angel Zarabozo (Caminos Madrid) as Vice President, Jaime Fernandez ( Asprima) as Secretary, and the members: Luis Martin (Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte) currently replaced by Patricia Polo (Cesce), Francisco Martin (Polytechnic University of Madrid), Ramon Arteaga (ACCIONA) and Jose Francisco and Laura (Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo)

A project initiated by the Madrid City Council through David Solla Navarro and the University of Alicante through Armando Ortuño-Padilla

At present, the entity has incorporated the director of communication Irene Díez Benito and the director of CSR Víctor Manuel Fuertes De la Vega as well as the external advisor Francisco Esteban Lefler world president of PIANC.

In these three years we have gone from the aforementioned 23 entities to more than 160, constituting a clear example of international public and private collaboration.

We have developed strong international links with entities such as Business Sweden Enterprise Ireland Business Finland Franco-Spanish Chamber Business Norway Embassy of Denmark in Spain and many others promoting Madrid and its region as well as the country.

Today we continue to be promoted by the Madrid City Council and now by the Community of Madrid, which through the General Directorate for Madrid Nuevo Norte Jose Luis Moreno Tatiana Martinez Ramos and Iru and with Fundación Metrópoli Alfonso Vegara have designed and launched the largest laboratory of urban solutions in Europe. A project created in Madrid for Madrid and the rest of the cities of the world

We have designed a large multi-sector business ecosystem made up of: construction companies, engineering companies, technology companies, architecture studios, electricity companies, banks, investment funds, industrial companies, universities, third sector associations, professional associations, certification bodies, insurers…

We appreciate the support, affection and trust of the more than 160 public and private entities that make up MWCC and that work every day to achieve the multiple objectives proposed in the Association’s Strategic Plan.

In the words of its president David García Núñez “Madrid Capital of the World is a project called to last”