MWCC celebrates its second anniversary


MWCC celebrates its second anniversary

image MWCC celebrates its second anniversary

MWCC celebrates its second anniversary. The entity, promoted by the Madrid City Council, was born on March 4, 2020.

It was born in a complex disruptive, social and economic historical moment that undoubtedly fuels the need for its existence even more.

After two years in which Spain has been hit hard by the outbreak of COVID and different historical episodes that occur in our daily lives, the association has shown its strength and has established an environment in which to develop public-private collaboration between different Public Administrations and private entities.

Currently, it brings together more than 140 leading public and private organizations in innovation, sustainability, engineering, construction, design of urban solutions, university education and international financing. Likewise, it has been possible to generate, taking advantage of the leadership of our country in multiple sectors, a public and private ecosystem that presents a high degree of specialization, and which also forms a focus for attracting investment and talent, thus constituting a guarantee of future projection. and progress.

Among their partners they have multinational construction companies, engineering companies, architecture studios, professional associations, universities, financial institutions, investment funds, technology companies, insurance companies, certifying companies, auditors…

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