MWCC celebrates its III Meeting of Partners and Collaborating Entities


MWCC celebrates its III Meeting of Partners and Collaborating Entities

imagen MWCC celebra su III Encuentro de Socios y Entidades Colaboradoras

MWCC has held its III Meeting of Partners and Collaborating Entities. The event held at the Barrabés Innovation HUB was attended by representatives of the 187 public and private entities that make up the association, as well as the presence of the General Directorate of Economy and Innovation of the Madrid City Council.

At the conference, the projects developed by the entity during the 2023 financial year were explained. Currently, the association is growing organically in the number of entities by 15% annually. A connective association, which has a non-discriminatory quota, which takes advantage of business synergies and above all the willingness to listen and pay attention.

During this year the association has developed different projects:

  • They are developing a work methodology for the development of Zero Emissions Innovation Districts, with projects in Villaverde-La Nave, Madbit or the regeneration of the University City.
  • Has participated in the European Mobility Week.
  • It has been part of the entities that have supported the Madrid City Council in its commitment to the European Mission “100 Smart and Climate Neutral Cities”.
  • Participates in the Global InfrastructureHub, a multilateral entity dependent on the G20. It is the only Spanish entity that participates in the Working Groups.
  • It is part of the European association “New European Bauhaus”, the first and only Spanish entity to belong.
  • With the United Nations, it continues to collaborate on different action programs in compliance with the SDGs.
  • Collaborate with REDI.
  • In the awards chapter he has achieved
  • Capital Award. Best Innovative Initiative 2023.
  • Fearless Magazine Award. Best public-private entity
  • TECH & PROGRAMMATIC SKILLS AWARDS Award. Best innovative initiative
  • Radio Capital Award. Award of Excellence for the Most Inspiring Institution

Currently, it continues to promote the agreement signed with the Community of Madrid, Fundación Metropoli…Innovation Lab. The purpose of this laboratory is to establish channels of public-private cooperation to promote actions that improve competitiveness. It is a pioneering urban solutions laboratory in Europe.

The entity has agreements with cities such as Malaga, Alicante, Lima and New York, among other cities.

MWCC is an entity that was born to be and stand alongside companies and citizens, improving their quality of life through its projects.