MWCC awarded as the best public-private collaboration entity


MWCC awarded as the best public-private collaboration entity

image MWCC awarded as the best public-private collaboration entity

MWCC has been awarded as the best public-private collaboration entity in the 50th anniversary of Cambio 16.

The jury unanimously awarded the award to MWCC and appreciated the promotion of public-private collaboration with the aim of making Madrid the capital of recovery and the main economic engine of Spain. The MWCC Association was born in March 2020, precisely at the beginning of the pandemic. It currently brings together 140 public and private organizations that are leaders in innovation, sustainability, high specialization and entrepreneurship, a focus for attracting investment and talent and a guarantee of future projection and progress.

MWCC aspires to transform the management of economic recovery into opportunities through initiatives and projects that affect digitization, the energy transition, compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the construction of resilient infrastructures, always demonstrating excellence in the design and management. Likewise, it calls on companies and citizens in general to make a qualitative and quantitative leap as a country.

MWCC premiada como mejor entidad

The award was presented by the Delegate for Works and Equipment of the Madrid City Council, Paloma Garcia Romero and was attended by the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, who has been awarded as the best policy of 2021.

MWCC was born with the purpose of improving the quality of life of citizens, promoting the sectors in which Madrid had a competitive advantage and, at the same time, met two requirements: high qualification of human resources and intensive use of technology.

Its objectives are: to promote these activities in the City and in Spain, to consolidate the international leadership of our companies and to make Madrid visible as the world reference center in our sector (s).

The vision of the project is comprehensive, transversal and for the future for the city and for Spain

MWCC has created an ecosystem that takes advantage of the different tools to make public-private collaboration a management and project creation and design tool. The association brings together not only construction or engineering companies, but also architecture studios, professional associations, universities, financial institutions, investment funds, technology companies, insurance companies, certifying companies, auditors … as well as more than 50 public entities and associations of the highest level in our country. In turn, it has 90 town councils and 5 associations of the northern and western mountains of the Community of Madrid attached.

MWCC is committed to the infrastructure, architecture and engineering sector. A sector that has provided a net improvement in the quality of life of citizens through infrastructures such as the subway, highways, rail corridors, airports, ports … an infinity of projects whose ultimate goal is the citizen.