MWCC announces the winners in its first awards ceremony Madrid World Capital


MWCC announces the winners in its first awards ceremony Madrid World Capital

image MWCC announces the winners in its first awards ceremony Madrid World Capital

MWCC (Madrid World Capital Association of Construction, Engineering and Architecture) has announced the winners in its first Madrid World Capital awards ceremony, an event that will be held on March 10 in La Nave (Madrid).

The highest representatives of the different public and private administrations will attend the delivery ceremony. The Madrid World Capital of Construction, Engineering and Architecture Association (MWCC) was born on March 4, 2020, promoted by the Madrid City Council. After a year and a half, in which our country has been hit hard by the outbreak of COVID, MWCC has shown its strength and has established an environment in which to develop public-private collaboration between different public administrations and private entities.

Currently, MWCC brings together more than 140 leading public and private organizations in innovation, sustainability, engineering, construction, design of urban solutions, university education and international financing. Likewise, it has been possible to generate, taking advantage of the leadership of our country in multiple sectors, a public and private ecosystem that presents a high degree of specialization, and which also forms a focus for attracting investment and talent, thus constituting a guarantee of future projection. and progress.

Among the partners they have multinational construction, engineering, architecture studios, professional associations, universities, financial entities, investment funds, technology companies, insurance companies, certifying companies, auditors… as well as more than 50 public entities and associations of the highest level In our country. In addition to 90 municipalities and 5 associations of the northern and western mountains of the Community of Madrid attached.

So the winners are:

  • International Madrid Capital Award. Renfe. More than 1 million users make use of the Cercanías Madrid. Renfe has established itself as the best and fastest means of public transport in Spain and Europe. Renfe has recently won multi-million dollar contracts in the US, constituting a true ambassador of Marca España.
  • Madrid Professional Capital Award. Juan Abarca Cidón (President of HM Hospitals). The president of HM Hospitales is a great example of leadership and people management skills, in a particularly difficult year due to the global Covid19 pandemic, in which the health sector has been essential.
  • Madrid Solidarity Capital Award. Creation of the Unit for Access to Justice for People with Intellectual Disabilities-A LA PAR Foundation.
  • Madrid Capital Economic Motor Awards. General Directorate of the Madrid Nuevo Norte Office of the Community of Madrid. MNN will be the largest urban development in Europe in the next 15 years, and with the creation of the MNN Office in the Community of Madrid, a clear institutional commitment is made to the development and continuity of the project, thus supporting the work carried out by DCN.
  • Madrid Sustainable Capital Forest Metropolitan Award from the Madrid City Council. It is the largest sustainable urban project in Europe. This project is based on a green infrastructure that will extend over 75 kilometers in the city of Madrid, which will contribute to the rebalancing of the city, the reduction of CO2 emissions, the fight against climate change, the ecological and landscape restoration of degraded areas and to increase the offer of pedestrian and cycling itineraries, as well as benefiting the health of the population.


This first edition of the Madrid World Capital awards will be an important event for MWCC as well as for its 140 partners and collaborating entities, showing the strength of the sector, the city, the Autonomous Community and the country.